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Quality Equine Veterinary Care

We offer a purpose built equine facilities, including; operating theater with a padded recovery room, treatment room for standing procedures and surgery, examination area with a....

Warwick Equine Veterinarians offer a fully comprehensive range of Quality Equine Care services which is serviced by a specialised Practice......

Our team provides 24 hour veterinary care. We are dedicated to providing high quality care and can offer state of the art equipment and personalised service....


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About Warwick Equine Vets

The Warwick Equine Practice was formed in late 2012. Previously, Dr. Tias Muurlink and Dr. Cathy Marlton (now the head of our sister practice Condamine Veterinary Clinic which does small animal veterinary care) ran West Warwick Veterinary Practice in the Warwick district for many years. Tias moved away in 2004 and worked at the Melbourne and Queensland Veterinary Schools (click on ‘Warwick Equine Team’ to find out more about Tias and the team) before moving back to his home in Warwick.

Warwick Equine vets was started with a simple idea: Create a modern and well equipped equine practice, staffed with highly dedicated and skilled staff to provide equine veterinary services which would have a positive impact on the horses of South East Queensland and the people dedicated to their care.

Our Vision is to “Promote excellence in equine veterinary care through the provision of high quality service and the application of the latest advances in veterinary medicine and surgery.” Our success comes from the fact that we are passionate about horses and love what we do.

Our team provides 24-hour veterinary care at both Lona, our specialised equine facility, and on farms or horse properties. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and can offer state of the art equipment and personalised service.

Our team consists general and specialist vets and highly trained nurses dedicated to their providing the highest level of equine care possible in each individual case. All our team regularly are involved in training and further education to ensure we stay current and have the skills and knowledge to give our patients the best chance.