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For URGENT veterinary matters please call:
0400 977 564 or 0438 791 804

Business hours (8am- 5pm Mon-Fri)

Please Call OFFICE on 0400 977 564

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Post – 185 Bracker Rd, Warwick QLD 4370

Please contact us for further information!

The easiest way to get in touch with us for non urgent matters is by using this form.

All appointments are to be arranged by prior bookings. Contact the Office on 0400 977 564 or submit a contact request form a the top of this page.

Please note: Before proceeding to Lona equine facility it is essential to contact us first and arrange an time of arrival as our gate entry could be closed.

From Warwick: Take the New England Highway heading south from Warwick towards Stanthorpe. About 6-7 km from the edge of town just as you are going over a crest with passing lanes, there is a clearly signposted road to the right “Ranger Road”. Note this road as a landmark and continue on the highway. The Lona equine facility is accessed from the next gate and grid on the left on the highway, about 500 m past Ranger Road.

From Stanthorpe: Take the New England Highway north towards Warwick. About 40 km from Stanthorpe there is the Glen rest areas on both sides of the road. A kilometre further is a road to the left called “Ford Road”. Stay on the highway and it is the next farm gate on the right after Ford road. The turn into the Lona gate and grid is just as the passing lanes start going up a rise. Take care to clearly indicate and be aware of following traffic as you negotiate the turn into Lona.