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Congratulations to Dr Tias Muurlink on his appointment as Chief Examiner for the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Dr Tias Muurlink presenting to fellow veterinarians at the annual ‘Science Week’ Conference for the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. One of the college’s role is to facilitate further post graduate training and certification of veterinarians around the world. Dr Muurlink is currently the Chief examiner for the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

WEV COVID-19 (Coronavirus) policy- 23 March 2020

WEV is determined to continue helping our clients and their horses for as long as possible. To do this we need to have all our clients help us to help them. The following procedures have been put in place to ensure we minimise risks to our clients, ourselves and indirectly their horses.

  1. When booking in any on property consultation or hospital visit, we will ask you to declare if you have any symptoms or any reason to put you into a higher risk category of having or being able to pass on COVID-19. We ask that you answer truthfully. We will not withhold essential treatment to any horse because of their owner’s COVID-19 status, but we may need to take measures to protect our staff and the ongoing viability of our practice. This may include leaving a horse in a yard or stable and the owner remaining available from a safe distance via phone or video link or we may ask that the horse is dropped to our clinic and handed over in a safe manner or we will come up with another plan to minimise risks to humans while still providing excellent treatment to our equine patients.
  2. No person will be allowed to enter our facility at Lona without first making telephone or other contact.
  3. No person with any COVID-19 symptoms or risk factors should enter our facility at Lona. If you need help and are in this category phone us and we will work out a solution on a case by case basis.
  4. We will book all future consultations at our Lona facility so that only one client is present at any one time. Our staff will assess risks and manage the case as appropriate from there. We ask only essential personnel accompany any hospital visits or consultations.
  5. We will no longer leave medications or other pickups or have drop offs at our office at Condamine Veterinary Clinic on Bracker Road. This is to minimise traffic into that location and to reduce overall risk. We will make other arrangements on a case by case basis. Phone us and we will ensure you get what you need in a safe manner.

Remember we need to stay COVID-19 free so we can continue to help you and your horses, and we need your help to do this. Also, remember we are not going to withhold treatment to any horse because their owner’s COVID-19 status, we will work around each challenge on a case by case basis.