Oral Joint Supplementation With 4CYTE EQUINE

There is a large range of oral joint supplements out on the market. One of the most common questions asked by owners is “What joint supplement would you recommend?”

Our practice is to only recommend products which have had scientific research that is published and reviewed by fellow veterinarians. One such product is 4cyte equine which is made from New Zealand green lip mussel, Abalone, marine cartilage and a plant extract known as Epiitalis.
Why we like it:

1) Research- There is peer reviewed research on the ingredients leading to clinical improvement in horses with arthritis.

2) Ingredients are ethically sourced- The company sources the ingredients from non-endangered species. Either as by-products from current harvesting operations or certified aqua-farming operations.

3) Direct feedback- from clients is very encouraging and we see a good response and owners continuing to use 4cyte equine. Cost-$1000 incl GST (3.5Kg bucket) for more information please contact us or see the 4cyte website