Hendra Virus

The Hendra Virus vaccination is the most effective way to protect your horses from contracting Hendra. We strongly recommend vaccinating your horses against Hendra Virus as the most effective protection for your horses and those in contact with them.

WEV provides a very reasonable cost for vaccinating against Hendra at $100 per vaccination plus your regular travel fee.

It is compulsory for horses to have a microchip implanted before they are vaccinated and this cost is $30 (one off cost).

Vaccination against Hendra is three doses (primary vaccination regime) followed by annual boosters.

We strongly recommend that you have your horses Hendra virus vaccinated as the carriers of Hendra (flying foxes spp) are known to occur in this region.

See the Australian Veterinary Associations website for more information http://www.ava.com.au/node/83968.