Ambulatory Services

WEV has 3 fully equipped vehicles to provide comprehensive in field services to our clients. Some of the ambulatory services we regularly perform are: Emergency care for medical conditions including colic, other problems like lacerations, lameness examinations, vaccinations, castrations, identification for stud books, microchipping, freeze branding, eye conditions, skin conditions, respiratory conditions and some reproductive procedures as well as many other services.

Ambulatory services are usually provided to the Warwick and Southern Downs regions, with regular visits to the Allora/ Clifton and Goomburra region on Tuesdays as well as the Stanthorpe district on Tuesdays as well.

On Thursdays there is a routine visit to the Gold Coast region with some regular and diagnostic work on properties between Warwick and the Gold Coast. We provide a full surgical service on this day at the Gold Coast Equine Clinic by our specialist surgeon Tias Muurlink.

For more information about our services, schedule, and costs please contact us.