Diagnostic services

WEV has comprehensive diagnostic equipment and importantly the team to interpret and direct the use of these modalities. If we do not have the equipment to provide a what we need to get an answer we have the experience gaining in working in large teaching hospitals to help direct your horse to the right place for work ups.


WEV has two complete Digital Radiography systems with the latest caesium plates to give the highest quality x-rays. We commonly use radiography to assist with the diagnosis of lameness and other conditions, and also for pre-purchase examinations and pre-sale repository sets. We offer interpretation and reporting on submitted xrays as well and use the services of specialist radiologists if our specialists feel it is indicated.


WEV is fortunate to currently have 3 high quality ultrasound units with a range of probes. These machines combine with our interest and skill in this modality allow us to do high quality ultrasonographic examinations of the reproductive tract, the musculoskeletal system, abdomen and thorax. We also have the expertise to perform a range of ultrasound guided injections for a range of conditions.


Endoscopy is most commonly used in horses to view the airways and the stomach. Examination of the upper airways and lungs with an endoscope is commonly performed during an examination of poor performance.

At WEV we have two video endoscopes with monitors to show our clients real time images of their horses problems, below are a few examples.
For example (right) a thoroughbred making a noise when galloping, the larynx can be examined with endoscopy to assess upper airway function.

Note the left arytenoid (arch on the right side of the picture), is not fully opened.
Grade 3 Stomach ulcers in a horse (right), notice the thickening and deep erosions.

To the left are post racing endoscope of a filly that had a mild bleed from one nostril, endoscopy is valuable to confirm that the bleeding came from the lungs and not from a bump to the nose. This information is critical in determining the the ongoing race plans for this filly;
We also have a 3m gastroscope which can be used to check equine stomachs for the presence of stomach ulcers.


We have an extensive in-house laboratory as well as access to fast turn around blood work through our sister practice CVC and also access to a number of external laboratories for a full range of pathology services.