At WEV one of our key focuses is providing comprehensive and quality equine reproduction services to our clients. Our vets have extensive experience in both mare and stallion problems, maximising reproductive efficiency, infertility investigations and management of both mares and stallions, pregnancy diagnosis, twin detection and management, foaling and dystocia, and foal management.

For the Thoroughbred industry we provide comprehensive services breeding services to several farms ranging from small to large. We have very extensive experience in this area and our vets have been involved in large scale TB breeding for more than 20 years.

For non-thoroughbred we offer artificial insemination with both frozen, chilled and fresh semen; embryo collection and transfer; semen collection, evaluation and shipping or freezing; and breeding programs. These services can be provided on farm in the Warwick area if there are suitable on farm facilities and at our Lona equine facility.