Surgical services

WEV provides comprehensive surgical services, mostly provided by Tias our resident specialist equine surgeon. At times for some procedures we engage other specialists in surgery, anaesthesia and critical care to allow us to have a team able to tackle the most complex cases which cannot be optimally handled by one surgeon on their own.

Referral surgery

WEV is in a position to undertake most second opinion and referral surgery cases. Our specialist surgeons are extremely experienced and are qualified to undertake most surgical procedures including arthroscopy and laparoscopy; and orthopaedics, abdominal, respiratory, reproductive, ophthalmic and other surgeries. We are well equipped with standing and general anaesthetic surgeries and have instrumentation and imaging equipment to allow us to do most procedures to the highest standard. We strive to provide the best referral care and keep both our referring vets and our clients regularly updated with progress and options. Currently we regularly have surgery days at our Warwick facility and weekly provide referral surgery at Gold Coast Equine Clinic. We also occasionally provide referral surgical services to several other clinics and hospitals for selected cases.

General surgery

We undertake a wide range of first opinion and general surgery including castration, wound care, limb deviations as well as a wide range of general surgery.

Orthopaedic surgery

WEV provides a wide range of orthopaedic services from leg deviations and flexural deformites to fracture repair and joint surgeries.

Respiratory surgery

Tie back (laryngoplasty), Tie forward, entrapped epiglottis, and a range of other sinus, pharynx and lower airway surgeries are all done commonly

Abdominal surgery

Laraprotomy and laparoscopic surgery are both regularly done to treat a range of conditions from colic to tumours and urinary tract problems as well as diagnositic procedures.


Surgeries include castration and cryptochid castration, ovarietomy, and a variety of mare surgeries including cervical and perineal. Many procedures can now be done laparoscopically with big advantages for the horses.